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With a wireless mouse and a, you can play game in the bed. We got rid of the shackles of the cable, but some people worried about the transmission distance of the wireless mouse.

With the development of Bluetooth technology, the effective distance is now more than 10 meters. The wireless mouse needs to be powered by a battery, and the wired mouse can be powered by a computer, so the battery power consumption of the wireless mouse can affect the user’s use cost.

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Some wireless mice consume a lot of power and need to change batteries frequently, which increases the cost of later use. There are a lot of wireless mouse products on the market. If you don’t want to spend too much time to choose, you can look at our list of recommendations. – The Best Wireless Mouse In the past few years, the popularity of expensive keyboards has begun to recover, and the love of old-fashioned mechanical design has become a powerful force for many peripheral companies to participate. However, as a loyal companion to the keyboard, the mouse was left behind.

Of course, there are some good mice in this market, but most of them focus on the game field. The good news is that a new contender, the Logitech MX Master, is one of the most expensive mice on the market, and only Razer and Mad Catz’s professional wireless can match it.

Logitech has a history of cutting-edge products. This trend can start with the MX900, which was first introduced in 2003. It is equipped with Bluetooth and rechargeable batteries, far exceeding the state of the art. After many changes to this concept, MX and VX Revolution began to adopt unique designs, buttons and sensors. As time went into 2009, Logitech handed this glory to Performance Mouse MX, one of two mice, to introduce their Darkfield laser sensor to work well even on reflective or transparent surfaces. Now it is the turn of the MX Master. The word Master is quite radical because it implies that it is better than all previous mice.

Hardware enthusiasts can be very picky, and some MX models remove features that didn’t work before, causing user complaints. But the word seems very appropriate here, at least on paper. It can be used as a wired mouse or wirelessly via a USB receiver or Bluetooth. The interior is equipped with a rechargeable battery, two rollers, six buttons on the outside, and of course Logitech’s Darkfield laser sensor. Like most previous MX products, the MX Master is also a palm-shaped mouse with a lot of thumb support, which means it offers a wide, tall design that lets your palms drag and drop without feeling any exhausted.

There are two disadvantages worth noting: First, the finely crafted design does not make any concessions to the left-hander, so it is only suitable for right-handed users. Secondly, the huge size often lacks the flexibility that the player desires, which is not to say that it cannot be used. The game, the sensor is definitely accurate enough, and a lot of buttons are very convenient to use, but it is definitely not the best choice compared to a dedicated gaming mouse.

With, 2.4GHz receivers can be paired with up to six different Logitech devices, which is handy – when you have other wireless peripherals from the company. Logitech claims that the internal battery can last up to 40 days, whether it can really run for so long, but its battery life is really good. You only need to charge the MX Master once a month for no more than two hours. The LED on the side of the mouse shows its charging status. The MX Master is a new addition to the MX series and is ideal for anyone who wants to work with an advanced mechanical keyboard. Its buttons, sensors and wireless connectivity are unbeatable, and you can use it every day for maximum productivity. Smaller thumb button.

Not suitable for left-handed users 2. – The Best Travel Mouse The touchpad is really not easy to use, and since the invention, this harsh reality has been plaguing laptop users. Even the best implementations, such as the MacBook Pro or the HP Specter x360, have some unsatisfactory places. The mouse is always more accurate and reliable. This is why the travel mouse exists.

‘s MX Anywhere is an entry-level product in this category. Since its launch in 2009, it has earned the highest honors in the eyes of many users, and the next two generations have brought even better improvements.

MX Anywhere 2 may be considered a smaller version of the MX Master because both products are released at the same time and use the same design style: a black matte panel with copper trim. It’s difficult to make computer peripherals look different, but Logitech has already achieved this vision. In addition to style, Anywhere 2 and MX Master are completely different in other respects. They are about half the size of the latter and have a flat profile similar to a gaming mouse.

Bluetooth Wireless Mouse For Laptop

Small enough to fit easily into any backpack, even in the pocket of jeans. In addition, it is easy to use on the legs or on narrow aircraft trays. Reducing the size of the mouse will change how it is used and may also reduce comfort. The large mouse provides more contact area, which makes it easier to hold. The compact MX Anywhere 2 requires a certain amount of bending to hold properly. If your hand is large, the degree of bending may double.

Despite this, we found that it is still comfortable, but after a long period of work, you can clearly feel the crushing pain of the palm. Like other high-end Logitech mice, MX Anywhere 2 features a proprietary Darkfield laser sensor with a sensitivity range of 400 to 1600 dots per inch, which is standard for games that are not suitable for gaming and is suitable for almost any surface. This mouse has a wide range of connectivity options and can be used with wired USB, wireless USB, or Bluetooth. The Wireless USB option is compatible with Logitech’s Unifying receiver, so you can connect multiple Logitech peripherals to the same adapter. In addition to a variety of connectivity options, the mouse provides optional input that can be paired with up to three devices and toggled between them using the buttons at the bottom. The built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery is not replaceable and can be used for about two months with a single charge. Logitech’s new MX Series mouse is great, and if you’re looking for a small wireless model, MX Anywhere 2 will be a great fit.

Of course, if you don’t want to bear such an expensive price, Logitech’s M705 is a good alternative. Expensive. For some users, the size is too small 3. – The Best Ergonomic Mouse Mouse design has made great strides in the past few decades. Today, even cheap models take comfort into account, while higher-end, more expensive products make you feel as comfortable as a glove. If you want to get this effect in order to treat (or prevent) repetitive stress injuries, there are some special options, Evoluent VerticalMouse is one of them.

As the name implies, the VerticalMouse lifts the hand from the table top and positions it vertically, which is similar to the grip of a pistol. VerticalMouse is available in a variety of sizes and shapes for both left and right hands, as well as wired and wireless options. For this review, we chose the latest C model, which includes wireless operation and redesigned button configurations. The mouse is huge and looks like a dorsal fin of a shark. It gradually becomes thicker and thinner toward the main button, and the base is equipped with a base to support your palm.

Calling it very attractive may be a bit of a misnomer, but it is truly unique. The shell material is made of plastic, the thumb area uses a smooth surface, and the rest is a rough matte. This combination may seem a bit strange.

Below the mouse are three plastic pads, an AA battery slot, and a power switch. The blue LED at the top is used to indicate the DPI level, and the other side of the finger is labeled with another LED that will only illuminate when the mouse is powered. Using this mouse in the default configuration takes a while to get used to, but it’s clear that it’s designed with a lot of ideas to help with pain. Once you get used to it, you’ll find it is much more comfortable than a traditional mouse, especially for long periods of use. There is a big exception here, and that is the game.

The modified button position means you can’t swipe the mouse quickly. Sensitivity is not ideal. Although Evoluent does not publish detailed data on laser sensors, we feel that this value is up to 3000 and cannot be adjusted by software. Management software for Windows and OS X systems with exceptionally rich features. You can customize the functions of each button, such as backspace, carriage return and spacebar on the keyboard, and many other options such as cut/copy/paste. The VerticalMouse C is a well-designed ergonomic device that, although operating in a completely different way than most mice, has flexible software that allows you to do a lot of customization. This is a great choice for those who want to avoid repetitive stress injuries, or who are eager for maximum customization.

Mouse wheel has no click function. Almost impossible to use in games 4. The classic trackball mouse belongs to the niche group, but after use, it will be difficult to return to the mainstream point-and-click navigation operation. Logitech has introduced a new wireless trackball solution that allows you to activate with simple plug-and-play and software to enhance the gaming experience. The M570 has a dark grey matte finish that contrasts with the distinctive blue marble trackball. The mouse is very comfortable to hold and is not as loud as most gaming mice. Between the two buttons is a rubber roller that is more in line with our taste than the smooth roller of the M705.

On the right side of the mouse is the browser’s back and forward buttons to make it easier for you to browse the web. One of the most powerful features of this mouse is the plug-and-play experience, which you can use directly without installing software. But for those who want to fine-tune the mouse settings to enhance the navigation or gaming experience, it is necessary to install the accompanying utility software. You can connect up to 6 compatible wireless devices via a USB adapter, and the Unifying program will guide you through a series of simple steps to synchronize other Logitech keyboards or mice.

Another software available for the M570 is SetPoint, which allows you to customize mouse settings, such as adjusting the number of lines scrolled, pointer speed, and pointer acceleration. There’s also a specific game feature, and a place to change the default button settings, and you can even enable cool effects like pointer tracks. In addition to this, the program also saves mouse statistics, such as the amount of power consumed.

Buy Compact Bluetooth Wireless Optical Mouse For Macbook Air

For the small hand, the only problem with the M570 may be its size. You may only be able to barely touch the wheel, and the specified browser buttons may be out of reach. The M570 responds well to everyday tasks and game scenarios, with up to 18 months of battery life and versatility for any surface to prove it is a reliable competitor. Not suitable for small hand users. The wheel is harder 5. – The Best Gaming Mouse Logitech is well-known in the computer game market, and their G-series products have become a major part of e-sports, designed for players who need the best precision and performance.

Innovation is another goal of the G-series. Over the past three years, a secret product has been lurking, and the development team has worked hard to eliminate all the obstacles that connect the computer to the mouse, and they have already done the job. What happens in the end? The answer is the PowerPlay wireless charging system, all accessories include PowerPlay base, PowerCore module, hard mouse pad, cloth mouse pad, and USB braided cable. Currently, there are only two mice compatible with the charging system: G903 and G703. The G903 is a more advanced version with 9 programmable buttons, and thanks to the second pair of movable side buttons, it is more flexible to use and can take care of left-handed players. The G903 is the successor to the G900, the king of wireless gaming mice.


It has an LED G-mark on the top and supports 16.8 million colors, which can be customized through Logitech’s desktop software. There are also three sets of LED strips for displaying the current DPI settings, ranging from 200 to 12000. As a wireless gaming mouse, the G903 is virtually as responsive as a wired mouse, all thanks to the same Lightspeed wireless technology used in the G900. We have never experienced any delay or loss of signal when using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and any other type of wireless signal. Of course, most of the accuracy of the mouse comes from the PMW3366 optical sensor with a maximum sensitivity of 12000 DPI. In contrast, the Razer Lancehead is equipped with a self-made 5G laser sensor, which is more sensitive and reaches 16000 DPI. Some people think that optical sensors are better than laser technology five years ago.

At the same time, Razer has a place in the field of sensitivity. But in the end, after using the two mice for a while, we can confidently say that they are equally accurate and reliable. The real difference between these two peripheral devices is the aesthetic appearance and ergonomics. Which one you like, is entirely a matter of personal interest.

Logitech’s Lightspeed wireless charging technology is far ahead, and the latest and greatest wireless gaming mouse brings some performance improvements. However, to get the most out of it, you have to buy expensive rechargeable mouse pads. Expensive 6.

One of the biggest difficulties for Mac users using Apple Magic Mouse is the mediocre life time. It is not unheard of to replace a new battery every few months. Apple has heard user complaints and introduced Magic Mouse 2 as standard equipment for the iMac.

It looks almost identical to the first generation, has the same white polycarbonate appearance, but is 0.25 cm / 0.1 inch lower and lighter than the old model. The bottom optical sensor reacts quickly to motion, and you can adjust mouse tracking and sensitivity in system preferences. Multi-touch commands are very sensitive, including swiping left and right between browser pages, sliding up and down between full-screen applications, and launching Mission Control by double-clicking on two fingers. You can also perform regular scrolling and clicking on the surface of the mouse, or you can turn all these commands on/off. Turn the mouse over and you’ll notice two new things: First, there’s no battery slot, which means you don’t have to worry about changing the battery often; the other is a new Lightning port. It can last for 9 hours after charging for 2 minutes.


Bluetooth Optical Mouse Pairing Instructions

If you connect Magic Mouse 2 to power for one night, you can use it for a whole month. It should be noted that this mouse cannot be used in the Windows operating system. Unfortunately, since the Lightning port is located at the bottom of the mouse, you must flip it over when you are charging, which makes it temporarily unusable. In contrast, other rechargeable mice, such as the Logitech MX Master 2S, use a front USB port so you can continue to use it while charging.

As for other Apple wireless devices, Apple Magic Keyboard and Apple Magic TrackPad 2 can be used while charging. Magic Mouse 2 has the same ergonomic design as the previous Apple mouse. Although it can easily track your movements, it may take a while to get used to it because its height is 1/31/2 of that of many standard mice.

Pair Bluetooth Optical Mouse

Overall, this mouse is a revolutionary design with a unique design that solves the problem of frequent battery replacement, charging with the Lightning interface, and pairing with Mac devices via Bluetooth. Unfortunately, Apple didn’t put the Lightning interface in a better position, and some people think it’s not as comfortable as a traditional wheel mouse. Cannot be used while charging.

Low design can’t fill your palm curve 7. – The Most Affordable Wireless Mouse This is an affordable alternative with no extra decoration and does not offer pressure regulation and personalization. But if you are looking for the best value for money, then it may be the best choice.

The Mobile Mouse 3500 uses Microsoft’s BlueTrack technology to achieve reliable surface tracking using a combination of optical and laser precision. You can put it on jeans in your legs, in the carpet in the living room, or on granite countertops in the kitchen, but it doesn’t apply to mirrors or clear glass. The mouse surface has a matte finish with a good grip texture and does not attract smudging. Between the left and right buttons and the click button is a rubber roller that can only be scrolled vertically without any tilting function.

Whether you are a unique left-hander or a popular right-handed user, the perfect symmetrical design will get you started quickly. The 3500 can run for up to eight months before replacing the battery. The battery status indicator lets you know how low the battery is. When not in use, you can turn it off to save power. This mouse is not only compatible with the Windows operating system, but also for Mac OS X and some Android mobile devices.

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The only downside to the 3500 is that it has a standard three-button design and no programmable side buttons, so if you really rely on these features, check out the other options.

Share on Facebook Tweet this Share Wires are so last century. For many, wireless mice have become the standard for computer interaction. If you’re going to have an input device that is designed to be constantly moved around, why would you want anything getting in the way? At this point, there are thousands of choices vying for your wireless dollar, ranging from under $20 to well over $100. Many are specifically tailored to certain niches — like. But which are the best wireless mice overall? While that’s certainly a subjective question, you can’t go wrong with any of the picks below.

Product Category Rating Logitech MX Master 2S ($75) Best wireless mouse overall Microsoft Surface Mouse ($50) Best minimalist mouse Not yet rated Logitech G Pro Hero ($150) Best mouse for gaming Logitech MX Anywhere 2 ($70) Best mobile mouse Evoluent VerticalMouse ($80+) Best ergonomic mouse Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850 ($15) Best budget mouse Not yet rated Logitech MX Master 2S ($100) The best Building on the sterling legacy of its predecessor, the is a sublime wireless mouse that offers great accuracy, comfort, and features. With a sensitivity that can be adjusted in 50 dots-per-inch (DPI) increments, from 200 all the way up to 4,000, it has support for fans of all sensitivities and use styles. Its 500 mAh rechargeable battery can last up to 70 days, so you won’t need to worry about running out of juice anytime soon, and it features fast recharging too. For those facing long days of mouse use ahead of them, Logitech has paid particular attention to the ergonomics of this device. There’s a reason it’s one of the top mice on our list of the too. It features great thumb and finger rests, with a shape that caters to different grip types and helps prevent repetitive strain injury and carpal tunnel.

Buy Compact Bluetooth Wireless Optical Mouse For Macbook Pro

One of the best features though, is multi-device support. If you want to jump from laptop to desktop and back again, you can do it swiftly and easily with the MX Master 2S, as it can pair with up to three devices at once and switch between them at the touch of a button.

With support for both Logitech’s unifying receiver and Bluetooth technology, you don’t even need to switch the wireless receiver over either. Buy one now from: Microsoft Surface Mouse ($50) The best minimalist mouse Although targeted toward Surface device owners who want a little more functionality than the standard touchpad offers, the Microsoft Surface Mouse is an equally capable wireless mouse on any other system you choose. It’s elegant, streamlined, ergonomic, and most importantly, lasts for as long as a year on a pair of AAA batteries. Even though it’s a Microsoft product, the Surface Mouse is also compatible with MacOS and Android platforms, as well as Windows operating systems 10 and 8.1 Its switches and scroll wheel are rated for thousands of hours of use and an enormous number of actions. This mouse also ships out with a one year warranty, so you’re covered if you face any short-term problems.

Buy one now from: Logitech G Pro Hero ($150) The best gaming mouse Logitech has a lot more competition in the gaming peripheral space than some of its other markets, but that doesn’t mean it’s not at the top of its game in this space. Its is one of our favorite gaming rodents with good reason.

It has a 1ms latency for its wireless connection, a 16,000 DPI optical sensor, and can track at up to 400-inches per second for high-speed gaming. But even with all of that technology under the hood, it weighs in at less than three ounces, making it comfortable to use for all hand sizes, but not so lightweight that it’s easy to lose control of. Its ergonomic shape makes it supremely comfortable in our long gaming tests, and thanks to tweaks to its overall shape, there’s accumulation of dirt and grime over time. If you don’t like anything about the button mapping the mouse ships with, it has full support for Logitech’s programmable software, so you can remap any of the G Pro’s eight buttons to execute the exact commands you want. You can also tweak the polling rate and the RGB lighting of the G-Pro logo, then save it all to the mouse’s onboard memory for use on different systems. Buy one now from: Logitech MX Anywhere 2 ($60) The best mobile mouse Bill Roberson/Digital Trends If you’re looking for a wireless mouse so you’re not stuck using your laptop’s touchpad, this is the tail-free mechanical rodent for you.

It sports a small profile so it’s easy to carry, but large enough so you don’t feel like you’re pushing a child’s toy. Its compact form is sculpted to fit your hand, and provides enough space on the left side to provide two additional buttons for your thumb’s pressing pleasure. Given this mouse is built for mobile, you won’t find an arsenal of buttons. Outside the mentioned thumb buttons, the mouse only features the standard left/right click buttons, and a middle clicker mounted behind the mouse wheel. This wheel can tilt left to right for horizontal scrolling, and provides two tactile-based modes. It has Click-to-Click for bump-based tactile feedback, and Free-Spin for a smooth spin.

With, you can connect to your PC in three ways — via the provided USB cable, Bluetooth, or by using the included Logitech Unifying Receiver (2.4GHz wireless). It supports the Logitech Easy Switch platform, meaning you can pair up to three compatible mice, and switch between them with a simple press of a button located on the bottom of the peripheral. Buy one now from: Evoluent VerticalMouse ($80+) The best ergonomic mouse If ergonomics is your primary focus, the is our pick. We ran this bad boy through the gauntlet in 2016, and it’s still one of our favorite mice on the market. Overall, the VerticalMouse looks like a dorsal fin protruding from your desk.

The unit tapers toward the flared base, keeping your hand elevated and allowing you to more aptly keep your wrist aligned with your forearm. This positioning relieves physiological stress, potentially minimizing fatigue and the risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome.

The unit is divided into three main elements. With the right-handed model, the button and wheel are located on the right side of the device. The left side incorporates a rounded indentation for your thumb to rest along. This setup allows you to grip the mouse at a 90-degree abduction angle when compared to a standard mouse. Buy one now from: Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850 ($16+) The best budget mouse The Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850 is an economical, no-frills alternative wireless mouse. It may not blow you away with adjustable click force or customizable accents, but if you’re in need of a wireless mouse and want to spend less than $20, this is your best bet. The symmetrical, ambidextrous design makes the Mobile Mouse 1850 perfect for users of left- or right-handed persuasion, and its compact design makes it great for those on the go who need a portable wireless mouse.

Its nano-transceiver is similarly diminutive making it easy to stow away — just make sure you don’t lose it! This Microsoft mouse can last up to six months on a single charge too, which is a welcome feature to say the least. It also comes with a three-year warranty, so if you run into any problems in the near or medium term, you’re well covered.

Buy one now from.