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Can anyone recommend one? I used to use Multisim in tech but it's not available on OS X and my PC is dead at the minute. A free one would also be good:).

Circuit Simulation For Mac

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Send the moderators a message and we can unblock it as soon as possible. All Wine does is allow you to run windows programs. All the extra features GNU/Linux has over windows are left unused, and in my experience with Wine it working 'perfectly' is quite a stretch. You have to treat running programs with great care because they always seemed to be on the brink of crashing if you resized too quickly, or navigated the UI too quickly, or even just used a certain feature. You would understand if you had to run a compatibility layer on windows for GNU/Linux applications. Yes you are completely right, i just have a personal disliking for LTSpice because of their windows-centric design.

I should have been more honest. LTSpice has a lot more features and I bet orders of magnitude more efficient simulation. Falstad really only does small stuff and even then is resource intensive. When understanding is not the goal such as in industry I bet almost no one uses falstad.

But for most of the smaller, straightforward circuits I encountered thus far in my undergrad, falstad beats LTSpice. This thread sums it up. I would also suggest the boot camp route, I once had LTSpice for my laptop PC and my apple Desktop, I'd get different answers. It could've (and most likely) had something to do with my lack of knowledge of how to use the program properly, either that or something didn't translate right when one crossed it to macs. I don't really know though.

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I think having the boot camp and the wine process I'm not familiar with might make it run smoother. I've only done the coursework for an Electrical Associate, and am switching to IT.

So that's my response based on what I've experienced. Linear Tech LTSpice (Is it going to be ADISpice soon?) I haven't looked at the mac support. If mac support is not great. I suggest taking the boot camp route to run Windows or get Virtual Box ( Virtual PC) RealDOS emulator to run Windows 95 and PSpice.

One thing that bit me when using Mathematica (2.0 or 3.0) was the file formats were slightly different and sometimes things didn't work cross platform between Windows and Mac.

To verify the electronic design we go for prototype and simulation, but many free simulation software that are available in the internet are limited editions and provides limited functions only, If we need additional components means we need to search for libraries but they are not easy to get. Here i have suggested LTspice IV, this is linear technology corporation’s analog circuit simulation software.

Circuit Simulator For Mac Free

LTspice IV provides high performance SPICE simulation, schematic capture and waveform viewer. This software compatible for windows and MAC os operating system and supports MAC os x shortcuts, you can get the LTspice IV software here visit website: You can get demo circuit collections here visit website: Get Started Step 1: Download the software. Step 2: Install the software. Step 3: Open the LTspice IV shortcut. Step 4: Design & Draw electronic schematics in LTspice IDE.

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Circuit Simulation For Mac Osx

Step 5: Simulate, Run the circuit and keep test point at any node to observe the waveform. This LTspice IV software provides different color to waveform for easy observation.