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Canon PIXMA MX490 Driver Download and Manual Setup For Windows, Mac, Linux – PIXMA MX490 is a multifunction printer aimed for office and personal home printer. With this printer, you can have four machines in just this one compact printer, a very good deal considering its cheap price. The speed of this printer is not bad too, for a borderless photo print with the size of 4 x 6 inch, Pixma MX490 can finish it in approximately 70 seconds. Not bad for an office printer. Although professionals who work mainly with photo and images might find the result is not up to their standard. Canon MX490 maximum resolution for color print is 4800 x 1200 dpi, and for black print is 600×600 dpi.

You can produce sharp document text and also good images with this printer. The ADF feature of this printer can hold up to 20 sheets of paper, while the input and output tray can hold up to 100 sheets of papers. Some of the best features of this Canon PIXMA MX490 is AirPrint which you can use to print your files with wireless connection and from the various device, Borderless Printing, Full HD Movie Print, Special Filters, Document Printing, and also Google Cloud Print. With the Quiet Mode, you can choose to reduce the noise that the printer makes. Canon PIXMA MX490 Specification Printing Technology Color Inkjet with FINE technology Maximum Resolution Black: up to 600 x 600dpi Color: up to 4800 x 1200dpi Print Speed 4 x 6″ borderless photo: approx.

43 sec ESAT Black: Approx. 8.4ipm ESAT Color: Approx. Software & Driver Installation For Canon PIXMA MX490 Method 1: Canon PIXMA MX490 Installation Steps by Steps Using Free Download This time, without CD installation or automatic wizard, will be used for the installation of Canon PIXMA MX490. Follow the instruction below:. Ensure that you have software file or driver setup of Canon PIXMA MX490. In case you don’t have, the link below is for anyone who needs the software file.

USB cable is necessary, thus you can connect your computer and the printer. USB cable usually comes with the printer package. After you are done with the preparations for the installation of Canon PIXMA MX490 using Setup File, below mentioned is what to do with the installation. Switch ON Canon PIXMA MX490 and your computer. Before it’s instructed, don’t connect the USB cable of PIXMA MX490.

Canon MX490 driver setup should be downloaded, thus you can start the installation. Anytime driver setup installation is done, connect PIXMA MX490 USB cable. The wizard, then, will detect the USB cable. Once the USB cable is detected, you will be led to the installation instructions of Canon PIXMA MX490.

You only need to follow the installation steps-by-steps. Anytime the installation is complete, Canon PIXMA MX490 is ready to use. Method 2: Manual Setting Up Of Canon PIXMA MX490 Drivers Considering this approach or method for the installation, find Add A Printer selection you get from the inbuilt feature for Windows. Prepare:. Canon PIXMA MX490 Driver Setup file or Software. Don’t have the Driver Setup file, find them through the link that is available.

Canon PIXMA MX490 USB cable is necessary The Installation Steps-by-Steps:. Switch ON your devices, both Canon PIXMA MX490 and your computer. Pair the Canon PIXMA MX490 USB cable and your computer. Setup file of Canon PIXMA MX490 should be extracted which file you can find through TEMP folder. Hit start, then Control Panel, and locate View Devices & Printer when it comes to Windows 7 and Vista. Hit Fax & Printers for XP users. Locate Add a Printer.

Finish with it, provide the path for the extracted setup file. Follow the installation instructions from the wizard. The installation of Canon PIXMA MX490 is complete, and the printer is now can be used. Method 3: Canon PIXMA MX490 Installation Driver Free Download Using software CD or Automatic Wizard for the installation of Canon PIXMA MX490 Ensure that you prepare:. Your computer should have installed DVD/CD drive. Grab Canon PIXMA MX490 Driver CD or Software Disk that you get from the printer package. Another thing that you need is USB cable that is used to connect your computer and printer.

This one also becomes one package with the printer. For the installation process of Canon PIXMA MX490 using CD Drive, follow the below mentioned. Switch ON the devices which are needed for the installation process of Canon PIXMA MX490, such as, the printer itself and your computer.

Only when it is suggested, don’t connect the Canon MX490 to your computer. Get the CD disk of your PIXMA MX490 to your computer DVD/CD drive. When the instructions for the installation pop up, follow them. Connect Canon MX490 USB cable to your computer anytime the setup wizard instructs you. It sometimes takes until PIXMA MX490 USB cable gets detected.

Afterward, the instructions for the installation process will appear to complete the installation. Canon PIXMA MX490 is now ready for you to use when the installation is complete. How to Install Canon PIXMA MX490 Printer Driver on Linux Requirements:. A Linux-run device.

A Common Unix Printer Service (CUPS) installed on the device. Guidelines:. Run the computer and run the CUPS.

Visit the web-based interface. Open a browser and navigate to localhost: 631. Connect the printer. On the browser, go to Administration tab and select Printers. Select Add Printer. Enter username and password. Your printer (Canon PIXMA MX490) should be on the list displayed.

Select it and press Continue. CUPS detect and add the printer. A configuration window will pop up, fill values as needed. The printer is ready to use.

How to Uninstall Canon PIXMA MX490 Printer Driver For Windows:. Look for the Windows button on your device’s keyboard. Select Control Panel. Look for Uninstall a Program tab, select it.

Look for the name of the printer driver you wish to uninstall. Click on the Uninstall button. Wait until the process is done. For Mac:.

Open Apple Menu. Select System Preferences. Select Printers and Scanners. Choose a printer driver that you wish to uninstall. (Select Canon PIXMA MX490 if your printer is of that type.). Click Remove.

For Linux:. Go to Application. Select System Settings. Select Printers.

Printer window will pop up. Locate Unlock button on the upper right section, select it. Enter password. Locate the Canon PIXMA MX490 printer driver your wish to uninstall. Find a minus sign under it.

Click the minus sign. PIXMA MX490 Wireless Connection Setup (If the Printer is compatible with Wireless) Connecting with WPS Requirement:. Physical WPS push button must be present. The network must use WPA or WPA2 security.

Step 1. Press printer’s Home button. Step 2. Use navigation arrows to select WLAN Setup icon.

Press the left function button. Wi-Fi lamp will light up after enabling wireless connection.

Printer searches for access that supports WPS. Step 3. Press and hold WPS button for 5 seconds, release. Press OK button after 2 minutes. After the connection is made, press OK to complete setup.

Install software for PIXMA MX490. If the connection still fails, please contact manufacturer.

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Standard Connection Method Step 1. Press printer’s Home button.

Step 2. Use navigation arrows to select WLAN Setup icon.

Press the left function button. Wi-Fi lamp will light up after enabling wireless connection. Printer searches for access that supports WPS.

Step 3. Press the Stop/Reset button. Select Standard setup then press OK button to start process of standard setup. Printer is searching for available wireless network. Use navigation arrows to select access point (the name of your network). Press left function button to search again if you cannot see your network on the list.

Press OK to input/edit network password (case sensitive). Use the virtual keyboard to enter a password. Follow the procedure as instructed:. Password is case sensitive. Press the center function button to navigate between numeric, upper case, and lower case.

Use navigation arrows to pick a character on the keyboard, press OK to confirm selection, and move another character. Repeat step (a) and (b) for more characters to input.

After inputting password, press left function button to complete. Confirm your password. Press OK to edit, if needed. Press left function button to complete setup. Follow by installing software for PIXMA MX490. If the connection still fails, please contact the manufacturer. PIXMA MX490-factory default settings Step 1.

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Press printer’s Home button. Step 2. Use navigation arrows to select Setup icon. Press the right function button. Step 3.

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Use left navigation arrow to select Device Settings. Step 4. Use up navigation arrow to access LAN settings. Use down navigation arrow to select Yes for reset setting.

WLAN Settings now reset. A message Processing.Please wait momentarily is shown.

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Press OK to complete resetting WLAN. Also, update driver.

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If you have a printer Canon PIXMA MX490, then you will need to surely have the official driver & software to install your printer. If you have none, then you will be glad to know that canonupdates.com will give you the official driver & software that you can directly download from this link below. Of course, the steps by step are also easy to follow.