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Nokia Corporation. Nokia tune is a sound mark of Nokia Corporation. Other product and company names mentioned herein may be trademarks or tradenames of their respective owners. Reproduction, transfer, distribution, or storage of part or all of the contents in this document in any form without the prior written permission of Nokia is prohibited. Link: The Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-505 is tailor-made for your active lifestyle, offering convenient on-the-go. Trying to connect my Nokia BH-505 bluetooth headset to a new Windows 7 computer and the computer says it does not have the right driver. I have reset the headphones (holding on/off and phone answer button for five seconds) to no avail.

I have both an iMac and a MacBook Pro - both running the latest version of Mac OSx (10.6.?). I have recently purchased a pair headphones - noise cancelling, bluetooth, etc (Nokia BH-905) primarily for use with my iPhone.

They work fine with my iPhone bt absolutely no joy with the Mac - any ideas? According to the tech specs the headphones support the following:. Handsfree profile (HFP) 1.5.

Headset profile (HSP) 1.1. Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) 1.2. Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP) 1.0 The Bluetooth profiles supported by Mac OS X 10.6.x are:. Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP): Controls stereo audio headphones.

Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP): Controls the buttons on headphones and other devices. Dial-Up Networking Profile (DUN): Allows a mobile phone to act as a modem and connect to an Internet service provider (ISP) and the Internet. File Transfer Profile (FTP): Allows a Bluetooth device to send and receive files from another device (on both client and server devices). Hardcopy Cable Replacement Profile (HCRP): Allows a Bluetooth device to connect and print to a wireless, Bluetooth enabled printer. Headset Profile (HSP): Allows a Bluetooth device to use a wireless, Bluetooth enabled headset to send and receive audio.

Human Interface Device (HID) Profile: Allows a Bluetooth device to use a wireless input device, such as a keyboard or mouse. Object Push Profile (OPP): Allows a Bluetooth device to send files to a remote device (on both client and server devices). Serial Port Profile (SPP): Enables incoming and outgoing connections to Bluetooth devices (on both client and server devices). One missing profile is Handsfree profile (HFP) 1.5 - is this the issue? I would dearly appreciate any advice or guidance on this issue (if there is any to be had). FYI - I have done plenty of searching - all to no avail.

I have the very similar Nokia BH-905i and I have been using them sucessfully on Linux and Windows. I am not a Mac user but I know that Mac OSX has some basic support for A2DP. So I'm sure your headphones will work.

Nokia bh 905i

In case you face poor sound quality when streaming from your Mac take a look at. By the way, one of the coolest features of these Nokia heaphones is that you can have them connected to your phone and to your computer through Bluetooth at the same time. You can, for instance, be listening to music from your computer, a call arrives, the music automatically stops and you start earing the ringtone, you answer the call (directly from the headphones) and when the call ends the music stream from your computer resumes. I'm running into the same issue with a Macbook Pro running 10.6.6.

I'm trying to set it up so that I can use the HF (Hands-Free) profile with Skype on the MBP while also using the A2DP on the Xoom. While I can successfully connect only the A2DP on the Xoom, I am unable to connect to the MBP for HF. Both devices pair without issue, but again, the Mac says 'Not Connected'. In testing various scenarios for setup, I was able to get the Mac connected for a brief moment, but then it would respond with the same 'Not Connected' status after just a few seconds. I'm having the same issue with my iMac 27' i7 2.93ghz quad-core. It will connect briefly and then just say 'Not Connected'.

Nokia bh 505 bluetooth drivers for mac

It's like the computer recognizes the device, but then doesn't have any clue what to do with it. This happened in OSX 10.6.6. And my Windows 7 Boot Camp partition. Windows 7 at least tries to search for updated bluetooth drivers, but cant find anything for the BH905i. Also these are really glitchy with the new iPhone ios 4.3 update.

Nokia Bh 905i

I'll probably be returning considering that it looks like Nokia is offering absolutely no support regarding what looks to be a known issue. Interesting you say that since iOS 4.3 the connectiivity has not been good. I had assumed that the issues I had faced were just stupid issues I have recently been facing. I hadn't put two and two together and realised it was iOS 4.3 - but good call. I generally love Apple products but their support for Bluetooth seems hit and miss at best and downright.bleep. at worst. Th thing I don't understand is that Bluetooth is a standard and so therefore should be honoured by any hardware or software that uses it - no different from Wifi etc.

I will be sticking with the headphones and the MBP / iMac / iPhone in the hope that either Apple ot Nokia will sort this out. It's very sad that Nokia devices are so poortly supported on Mac and vice versa. After all Mac users are primary target customers for Nokia's high end devices.

I have a BH-905i and it works really poorly with Mac. If everything works out, pairing succeeds. However, many times it won't for some unknown reason. Sometimes it just won't connect and after trying couple of times, BH-905i stops working totally so that only option is to reset it. On the Mac side the only option is to restart computer. I'm not even talking about using headphones on Skype on Mac, which is a terrible story, too.

Nokia Lumia:: 920 NFC Initiated Pairing Not Working Nov 19, 2012 I have tried to pair the Lumia 920 with both a pair of BH-505's and the Nokia 360 speaker using NFC to initiate the process and it doesn;t work. In both cases the devices reacts with a sound so I know it recognises there's another NFC device there, but nothing happens.

Bluetooth is turned on and NFC is turned on on both devices. Similar Messages:. ADVERTISEMENT Jul 3, 2012 The blue tooth pairing on My Lumia 900 only works for either calls or music.

Secondly only music on my phone streams on my cars blue tooth. Sound from videos in phone or live music from radio station apps does not. Jul 4, 2014 I recently got a Lumia 1520 and i can pair the bluetooth to my car but it never reconnects automatically. Next time I am in the car i will manually go to connect and then it will fail and ask me to pair the next time i click on my cars bluetooth name. Also it thinks its a reaction headset. When i am connected to it, in accessories it still says its disconnected.

Nov 29, 2015 I am having some issues with getting my studio wireless headphones to pair with my Lumia 950 XL, Apr 18, 2010 I have a Bold 9700 and a 2005 BMW 530.When trying to pair the 2 via bluetooth, the device is not even acknowledged in the pairing process.No device is found.The pairing worked with my previous BB Curve, BB Bold and current iPhone. Aug 11, 2011 Droid X was 2.2 (Froyo) - paired beautifully with my car's bluetooth - Address Book - display names and phone numbers perfectly.On Friday, August 5, 2011, I selected to upgrade to 2.3 (Gingerbread).Everything seemed perfect.New bells, new whistles.I received error message trying to text. I received unexplained promblems seeking access to the internet. I tried calling home and the error message surprised me.

I was no longer active. I needed to contact Verizon to reactivate my phone. I asked why my phone was deactivated. I was assured my phone was not deactivated and was walked thru a 're-activation process'. I have now done this twice in the past 5 days.My car's bluetooth has alos allowed me to viewed the phone address book by 'name' of my telephone number, including the telephone number.First name, last name and telephone number. So, while driving, bluetooth enabled, select the name of the person I want to call, push the button and viola!

Hands free calling via my car's bluetooth.Now that I have upgraded. No 'name' is listed, only the telephone numbers. I met with my local Verizon sales support person. He was stumped.We deleted the pairing, reinstalled the pairing 3 times. Still no address book by 'name'.

Jun 25, 2010 I have a Bold 9700 and HS500 headset. Everything worked perfectly for a while - music, calling etc. But just recently if I try to use voice dialing, if I hold down the control key on the earpiece to initiate voice dialing it gives some slow beeps, disconnects and loses its pairing connection to the phone. Now I have to go back - delete the headset and re-pair them again! Nov 23, 2012 Both software of PDF and Nokia maps not working on Lumia 920. Aug 6, 2012 how to get pairing with Windows7 to work?

I can get the speaker to show in Bluetooth-devices, but without drivers properly installed. Sep 30, 2011 Having trouble pairing my E65 to the mercedes SAP module.

Nokia Bh 505 Bluetooth Drivers For Mac

Get as far as request for passcode but do not know this as it is a used unit. Is there any way round this or can i alter the code? Jul 2, 2010 Recently purchased a 6760 slide and it does not seem to retain its pair on my car bluetooth. Previously had a blackberry and this worked fine everytime I started the car. Everytime I get in the car and want to use bluetooth I have to register the 6760 phone and basically start from scratch. I thought it may have been the technology in the car kit, but friend just tried their brand new blackberry and it connects and works fine all the time. The car kit is built into the car stereo so is relatively new.

Feb 21, 2010 I have an E71 and was using an old earphone for handsfree in car. Although the headphone is not high quality, it worked perfectly and I was well pleased. I attempted to use it recently but was surprised to find that my phone couldn't 'see' the earpiece anymore. I have done the obvious things in bluetooth settings and even tried pairing another earpiece but still no joy.

Sep 20, 2011 My N8 connects to my bluetooth headset and functions flawlessly usually. But whenever I connect my N8 via bluetooth to my PC it stops pairing with the headset. The moment it connects with the PC, the headset icon appears in my N8, despite it not having paired the headset. Jan 25, 2010 Maps 3.03 voice guidance works on my phone. However my question is when I turn on bluetooth on my phone & in car stereo system, will the voice guidance be transferred to my car speakers?

My Car system is paired with my phone and I can stream songs via bluetooth. However voice guidance does not stream to car speaker. Is it supported or am I supposed to use phone speakers only for GPS voice guidance? Jul 20, 2010 I've paired my 5233 via Bluetooth to both home and work Macs (G4 & Intel). File browsing and transfer via Bluetooth File Exchange works flawlessy on both. However, when I connect to the other Mac, even while it's already on favorites and it shows on the list, the phone asks for the passkey, as does the Mac.

After this I can connect and disconnect as many times as I want from that Mac, no passkey needed anymore. However, if I now connect to the other Mac, it again asks for passkey, so I have to key it on both phone and Mac. Again, I can connect and reconnect from that one without need for passkey. Until I go to the other Mac, it again asks for it.

I never try to pair the phone to the two Macs at once. I am curious why on the 'Paired Devices' list on the Bluetooth menu on the phone there is device, the computer, and no matter what shortname I set when connected to any one of the two Macs, theres only one, shouldn't there be 2 devices there on the list, the individual work and home machines? I've set them as 'Authorized', both on the phone and on the Macs, why does it keep asking for the passkey when I change from one machine to the other? Apr 28, 2012 Have tried unsuccesfully since February to get the GPS to work in Nokia drive. Was hoping the new update would fix it. Have updated the new software, updated to Nokia Drive 2.0 and done a factory reset - still have the same result sometimes get a fix and then it says GPS lost and counts the time since signal lost.

Diagnostic feature does not include a GPS test. Have downloaded many GPS programs, always the same - 1 fix and then no further running fixes to give speed etc Sep 13, 2012 I literally want to ditch this phone and go back to my htc because of it. I simply cannot send/recieve MMS picture messages. I've looked at previous threads about using the diagnostics tool for APN settings but in my diagnostics I don't even have APN settings there! My phone is all up to date and I'm totally lost. Three is my network provider if that helps at all. Sep 3, 2012 I have a Lumia 800 since 6 months, running WP7 Tango (8773) and firmware 12220.

Since a week, the camera is not working anymore: the camera app launches (by starting it from the start screen or camera button), but except from the app's UI, the screen remains black. Same story when switching to video mode or after restarting the phone. Dec 8, 2012 I started to have this problem yesterday. The power and volume down buttons are just unresponsive, so the only way to unlock my phone now is to use the camera button.

I've tried resetting the phone and it didn't help, so I'm guessing not a software issue, but hardware. Should I just return it to the store for repair/new and yeah, the reset was done via Settings, not soft or hard reset since the buttons aren't working. Aug 14, 2012 My microphone stopped working. All sounds work, but when making or receiving calls no one can hear me. I've tried using speaker and the headset but still have the same problem. I have also reset my phone, still no luck. Jul 12, 2012 My Lumia 800 has been relegated to status of spare phone but out of curiosity did the update to see what difference there is and now can't send MMS.I'm on T-Mobile UK.All worked perfectly before.

Have tried their 'we'll send you the setting'automated help which didn't work as their message to me didn't get through. Don't know if I care enough to call their customer care.

Nokia Bh 505 Bluetooth Drivers For Macbook Pro

Dec 2, 2012 My totally new Nokia Lumia 920 camera hasn't worked since I got it,. I bought the phone firstly because of the camera reviews. Now, I haven't taken a single picture/video with the shiny new lumia 920. Pressing the hardware camera button or tile just flips back to the current screen, no camera viewport, nada. Dec 14, 2012 i bought a nokia lumia 920 yesterday evening and i am still in the process of discovering the phone. Sometime this morning the speakers stopped working completly, there is a similar thread and it calls for a phone restart which i did but still i am not able to hear the audio thru speakers.

I tried to stream music, play Internet vidoes, record a video and play it back, put an alarm etc but nothing works. Nov 18, 2012 I used the Bose IE2 in-ear headphone and mic combo just fine with my old iPhone and LaptopI really like these headphones and there were not cheap! I would like to use them with my new Lumia 920 but the MIC wont work.

Is there any was to fix this? Dec 4, 2011 Problems again with Lumia 800.I've spotted that I cannot connect to the internet using vodafone's 3G connection.I tried putting my sim card into Android Phone - the internet works perfectly fine.Tried rebooting, restoring, etc. Dec 20, 2012 just downloaded the update Nokia released. After the update, I noticed when I unlock the phone, the screen is nice and bright but then it goes a bit dark. Appears the auto brightness control is no longer working correclty.


Nokia Bluetooth Headset Bh 503

Aug 7, 2012 I am having Nokia Lumia 710 with Vodafone(India) 2G activated. I have updated my phone to latest firmware and OS and got hte Internet sharing option in my settings tab, But even then I am unable to share internet.

Others are able to connect to my network if I share but when they try to browse internet,none of the internet pages are opening. Then I have tried to share my internet to my laptop(Windows 7 OS). I was able to connect but I was unable to surf anything. Oct 15, 2012 I had this same issue before sending it in for Nokia repair.

For some reason my audio from listening to a earphone does not work right. I get a very low echo sound of the music and I don't get any voice. Podcast, I get silence and don't know why I get this issue.

It does not have any water damage and has no scratches. I have screen protector on the front and back. Never had this issue with my HTC HD7. Now I did clean the jack input with a earpick and still the same issue. I don't want to send it in again to Nokia repair because I will be with out a phone for 3 weeks.

Very upset and if I can't get it working then Samsung or HTC will be my next Windows phone 8 phone. Jun 13, 2012 I bought lumia 710 just 2days ago, everything was ok with the phone. But when I tried to listen music with handsfree provided with phone, l found my phone audio jack was not working as handsfree was ok with other devices. My first attempt to go with Nokia brand Mar 21, 2012 I have a black nokia lumia 800. The firmware version in 1600.2483.8107.11501 (still waiting for 12070 one).

Battery is ok, sound quality is horrible, but my real problem is the alarm clock - it just doesn't work! I rely on my phone to wake me up for work and it doesn't do the job. I've tried renaming the alarm, setting it to repeat on couple of days or just one time and it doesn't go off. The alarm worked perfectly on my HTC HD7 (the sound quality was also great on this device), but since I've switched to lumia I have to put up with more and more problems Oct 16, 2012 I just got a new lumia 800, all the maps software on the phone do not rotate as I rotate the phone, even having the 'rotate with my current direction' selected in the maps settings.