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  • Klipsch 〔Mac版/2.5インチHDD〕 Band-in-a-Box 25 PGBBPEM111 [Mac用](送料無料)!2016年春夏新色!,パソコン・周辺機器はお客さんに完璧さと卓越した感覚を与える。みなさまに安心して、喜んで買ってもらいましょう!
  • レッスン -眠れる森の美女- [DVD] マルチレンズクリーナー付き 新品 PGmusic Band in a Box 25 Mac EveryPAK 楽曲作成ソフト 【PGミュージック PGBBPEM111】.

New Features 2018 Band-in-a-Box 2018 ® for Mac ® is here with over 50 new features, and much more! We've been busy and added over 50 new features and an amazing collection of new content, including RealTracks, MIDI SuperTracks, Instrumental Studies, Loops, Artist Performances, Amplitube presets and associated styles, 12-Key RealTracks, and Hi-Q Guitar Notation! There are 202 new RealTracks, double the 101 that we've often released in the past! Plus, we're introducing Video RealTracks (40 available in Country, Pop, and Jazz), which work just like RealTracks, but also include videos of the musician's performance! We also have an Xtra Styles PAK 4 with 160 additional Xtra Styles, which are styles based on previously released RealTracks. There are over 200 new RealStyles for our new RealTracks including Americana, Klezmer, Top-40, Jazz Strings Pads, Vocals (Oohs and Aahs), New Crooner 'Shout' BigBand styles, and more! We have a Bonus 49-PAK with 40 additional new RealTracks on top of the 202 above, so in total an amazing 242 new RealTracks are available!

The Bonus 49-PAK also includes Video RealTracks Set 1 & 2, 32 new MIDI SuperTracks, 108 new Instrumental Studies, 52 Loops, and 8 Artist Performances. There are over 50 exciting new features in Band-in-a-Box ® 2018! We're introducing 'Video RealTracks,' which work like RealTracks, but also include videos of the musician's performance. You can make a video of a single musician or a band video, optionally with a chord sheet or notation, and you can even add your own videos to the final mix. The Audio Chord Wizard has been redesigned and is now built into Band-in-a-Box ®. The Audio Harmonies feature has been added, including Audio Transcription, which converts a monophonic audio track to MIDI (notation), and Fix Tuning to fix an out-of-tune audio recording, and more. You can save the Notation window to a video in sync with the audio track playback.

Pgbbpem111 Band-in-a-box 25 For Mac

The new Piano Roll window enables precise graphic editing of MIDI data. We've added notation support for time signatures like 12/8, 9/8, and 6/8. The Toolbar has been enhanced with skins and more customization. You can open and save ABC notation files, which are very common song files on the internet with chords and melody. The popular Song Titles Browser is enhanced with more songs (now over 10,000), filters, and the ability to show titles that work with a specific style. StylePicker enhancements include a mixer-like control allowing clear display and style customization. The RealDrums Picker has been enhanced with the option to find similar RealDrums.


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The Audio Edit window is redesigned with a new GUI and additional features. And many more! 202 New RealTracks.

74 Country, Americana and Celtic RealTracks (Sets 278-285): This collection features an array of newly requested styles and additions to classic sets, as well as a Band-in-a-Box ® first: Background Vocals (10 RealTracks)! Our new Vocal Oohs & Aahs RealTracks feature a 3-part vocal arrangement with 2 male voices and 1 female voice, each doubled for a total of a 6-voice ensemble. Americana has been one of the biggest user requests, and we've added twenty Americana grooves, with acoustic bass, amazing electric guitar from Brent Mason and Colin Linden, vintage electric piano, and sweet fiddle. There are also Country Singer-Songwriter RealTracks, with more acoustic guitars by Brent Mason and Colin Linden.

We also have new 12-key Country guitars, pedal steel, bass, and piano. There are six new harmonica styles from 'Jelly-Roll' Johnson, which sound fantastic over classic country grooves. And we have new 'Canadiana' RealTracks complete with old time guitar, banjo, and footstomps. Eleven new Celtic Piano & Harp styles, featuring Scottish pianist Dave Milligan, will fit perfectly with Celtic ensembles from previous years. Vocal RealTracks.

68 Pop, Rock and World RealTracks (Sets 286-293): RealTracks Sets 286-293 feature amazing new Pop, Rock, Klezmer and European styles! Five new Pop & Rock guitars from Brent Mason and Joe Robinson range from funky to folky with both acoustic rhythm and electric soloist styles. The extremely popular Band-in-a-Box ® Pop Songwriter toolkit now has eleven new acoustic songwriter guitar styles from Brent Mason, Colin Linden, Quinn Bachand, and Fintan O'Brien. Seven new soulful Southern Pop Drums styles from top session drummer Land Richards have been added.

Accent these new drums with eight new Pop Percussion Singles, including congas, cowbell, tambourine, shaker, woodblocks, and afuche-cabasa. The Fretless Bass, Pop Keys & Punk Drums set boasts a versatile line of fretless electric bass, acoustic piano, organ, and hard-edged drum styles. Eight Modern Dancehall RealTracks are a Modern-Pop must-have, featuring percussive synth basses, pads, and electronic drums. A set of spirited Klezmer styles feature world-champion accordionist Cory Pesaturo accompanied by Neil Swainson on acoustic bass and Quinn Bachand on guitar, with matching RealDrums by Terry Clarke. Cory also features alongside Neil and Quinn with fourteen new French, Italian, and Swedish World Styles.

60 Jazz, Blues, and Latin RealTracks (Sets 294-300): We've added to our extremely popular 'Crooner' Big Band styles with exciting new ' Shout' Soloist RealTracks. A 'Shout' Soloist is a big Band arrangement where all the instruments are playing harmonized solos! These tracks feature an 11-part arrangement of trumpets, saxophones, and flute that can be used as an ensemble or selected as groups of individual soloists. We also have other great new jazz styles in the ' Jazz Potpourri' set, including new 12-key Bossa and Waltz Guitar, Jazz Ballad Strings, Soul Jazz Piano from Mike Rojas (CMA Musician of the Year), as well as a variety of Jazz Percussion Singles such as bongos, congas, and triangle. The new Modern Jazz set includes four Neil Swainson acoustic modern jazz basses and six corresponding modern jazz drum styles from the legendary Terry Clarke. New additions to our Smooth Jazz & Fusion catalogue include acoustic basses, Latin & Slow 16ths electric piano from Jeff Lorber, brushes drums, and lush mark tree fills. Building upon the traditional Latin RealTracks from last year, we have seven new Mariachi styles!


The set features a 6/8 style and a waltz, with the authentic instrumentation of Guitar, Vihuela, Guitarron (7). Three new Rootsy Blues guitars and pianos are included from Brent Mason, Colin Linden, and Mike Rojas. Seven Smokin' Fast Jazz Basses allow for smooth, fluent bass tempos up to 350 bpm!. Introducing a new and exciting category of RealTracks - Video RealTracks! Have you ever listened to your favorite RealTracks guitar solo or RealDrums drum fill and wondered exactly how the player did it? Now, you can see actual footage of the musician playing along with your song!

And that's not all. You can also stack these videos in several configurations to create a video of a full band! Video RealTracks are available in six sets. Band-in-a-Box ® 2018 Features and Additions We’ve added over 50 new features to Band-in-a-Box ® 2018, including. Video RealTracks The video RealTracks is a brand new feature to Band-in-a-Box ®.

We have over 2,500 available audio RealTracks, and now we have 40 available video RealTracks including two full video bands - Country and Pop Ballad. When you load a video RealTrack, you can use it just like an audio RealTrack, but you can also generate a video, which will display the musician playing your song exactly as you hear it.

Pgbbpem111 Band-in-a-box 25 For Mac 10.6.8

If you load one of the video RealTracks bands, you will have video RealTracks on 5 tracks, and you can make a video of 1-5 musicians. You can also include a chord sheet or notation in the video. Built-in Audio Chord Wizard. The Audio Chord Wizard has been redesigned and is now built into Band-in-a-Box ®. Previously, the Audio Chord Wizard was a separate app and not tightly integrated into Band-in-a-Box ®. This app is still available from the Audio Chord Wizard toolbar button, but the improved built-in Audio Chord Wizard can be accessed from the Audio Edit window. Audio Harmonies Feature Added Harmonize the Audio track with up to 4 voices.

You can choose one of the 4 harmonizing modes. The 'Chords' mode will harmonize the audio based on the chords in your song. Choose a type of harmony from the 'Harmony type' option. Choose either the intelligent mode, which allows you to select the number of voices, or one of the Band-in-a-Box ® harmony presets. The 'Melody track' mode will add voices (up to 4 voices) to the audio, based on melodies in the Melody track. The 'Soloist track' mode will add voices (up to 4 voices) to the audio, based on melodies in the Soloist track.

The 'Fix Tuning' mode will analyze the Audio track and correct out-of-tune notes according to the key of your song. The Fix Tuning feature analyzes the Audio track and correct out-of-tune notes in the selected region according to the key of your song. For example, in the key of C, if a C# is detected, then it will be transposed down to C or up to D depending on which one is closer. You can use the Auto-Transcribe feature to transcribe the Audio track to the Melody or Soloist track as MIDI data. You can use the Auto-Transcribe feature to transcribe the audio data to the Melody or Soloist track as MIDI data. Piano Roll Window.

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