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What are the benefits of xTuple for your business? Has your organization outgrown spreadsheets and pen and paper, or reached the limits of QuickBooks, Peachtree (now Sage 50), MYOB, FreshBooks, Xero, LessAccounting, Wave Accounting or any number of other limited functionality solutions used by small businesses? Does your company need specific, advanced capabilities? Are looking for a starter solution that you won't have to throw away in a year? If you need to automate and integrate business processes, such as taking sales orders, scheduling production, maintaining inventory shipping/receiving records, and ensuring all financial data is synced, then an xTuple system can deliver huge improvements in the effectiveness of your organization. What can you expect to do?

Modules make xTuple ERP more flexible From the free starter version to commercially-licensed editions — xTuple has a solution to fit your business needs. Choice is the hallmark of xTuple. It's more than great accounting software. It's modular so that discrete pieces of the system may be used separately, without having to implement an entire ERP system. Turn them on only for employees who need them, or as your company grows and requires more features.

See more information about xTuple ERP+CRM and xTupleCommerce Web Portal, find and apply to jobs that match your skills, and connect with people to advance your career. Affordable and scalable open. Keeping in-line with businesses' digital transformation initiatives, xTuple's recently released B2B web experience and e-commerce platform aims to transform the way its manufacturing and distribution clients approach their own customers by leveraging the company's core open source ERP system and harnessing its data pool.

You can run your business with powerful tools that would have cost millions just a few years ago. Compare notes and best practices with our global business users Thanks to open source principles and technology infrastructure, xTuple's customers use enterprise-class technology products and services, all at an affordable cost, one of the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of any ERP system on the market.

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You can use xTuple free and open source software version for as long as you like. Thousands of companies are running their business on PostBooks® every day. With the power and flexibility of open source ERP Enterprise Resource Planning — one system to run the whole business — there's no limit to how you can grow your business and Grow Your World®. Customers tell us some of their goals for implementing xTuple. Ability to personalize without programming.


Ability to modify software (open source vs. Proprietary). Access ERP data and functions through a mobile device. Better scale/support our growth.

Better visibility from quote to cash. Eliminate manual processes and spreadsheets.

Flexibility to address changing business needs. Improve functionality. Increase in value-add delivered to customers (e.g. Reporting, communication, collaboration). Modernize outdated technology.

Reduce time-to-decision / better decision-making. Reduction in inventory costs. Seek more functionality than available with current system.

XTuple is an open-source enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) solution for businesses of all sizes. It offers accounting, sales management, supplier management, inventory management and distribution within a suite. The product is best suited for manufacturing businesses and can be deployed both on-premise as well as in the cloud. XTuple supports different modes of manufacturing such as discrete manufacturing, process manufacturing, engineer-to-order manufacturing and made-to-order services. The discrete manufacturing mode enables users to manage stock inventory, manage design changes, track component requirements and monitor raw materials during production.

The process-manufacturing mode allows users to incorporate changes in end products from unpredictable processes. Users can also control product formulae and manage complex production formulae. XTuple also supports contract manufacturing where users can estimate cost bids and calculate return on investment on the contracts. The solution also allows users to collaborate with clients on design, engineering and quality checks. The vendor offers online support to all its customers during business hours. Open source ERP that delivers As a software developer and open source solutions specialist we don't manufacture items and our own product as well as the product from our vendor partners is rather ethereal and so isn't stocked.

But once we had attached a 'physical' presence to electronically transmitted support contracts and longer term consulting engagements, receiving in, shipping and invoicing became second nature and remarkably accurate. Financials are solid but do spend time getting your head around VAT processes. Pros There are many ERP solutions and there is plenty of open source software.

XTuple is different because it is an open source ERP solution that does actually work. ERP does require quite an amount of configuration and management and xTuple is no different. Understanding how ERP works if pretty core to making any ERP solution work but once you have that, once you have committed the effort to properly configure it, xTuple provides the sort of solution that suppliers of vastly more expensive alternatives would argue is out of reach of open source software. XTuple does have a knowledgeable and helpful community and plenty of plugings and add-ons to ensure that it provides the solution that you need. If it doesn't, then the PostgreSQL background and QT foreground make it sufficiently simple for you to make your own modifications. Cons As open source solutions go, there are remarkably few quirkinesses but those that do exist do require some thinking around. Like most ERP solutions, it demands that it follows it's processes so deviate and you are in for some pain.

The key to a successful implementation is learning how it works. If you have never implemented ERP before then you are strongly advised to either dedicate quite some time to getting it wrong and starting again or bringing in someone with the expertise and experience. Fortunately, xTuple will help you there! Review Source: Capterra. All in one CRM with great customer service Overall experience is good, I've been using xTuple for 8 years now and the only complaint I have is not enough reporting features.

The item and component management is ideal of our business and the xTuple engineers and techs are always available and helpful. Pros it's all in one functionality. The CRM workbenches allow you to manage your customers and vendors with ease. Cons reporting is not as advanced, not enough search parameter options.

Review Source: Capterra. ASL xTuple Review We are an aerospace company manufacturing in Thailand, Philippines and China. Traceability on Apple platform was our main focus. Now we are looking at functionality on quality. Pros Fairly straight forward ERP CRM is good Traceability is good Cons but handling of blanket customer orders is not good.

Manuals not real good on defining use. Very high level and not sufficient to train people. Quality process is not consistent with industry requirements of 8D reporting Review Source: Capterra.

Consultant's View of xTuple A client approached me to help them setup a playbox with their data. After we helped them do simple setup activities, GL Accounts, Parts, BOMs/BOOs, customers, suppliers, etc. We used real data to simulate a week in the life. By the end of the week, the client was confident that xTuple would assist them in doing their daily work with little interruption to their real business of making products. Pros Intuitiveness for me and the customers I worked to implement Cons The online help could be improved a bit Review Source: Capterra. XTuple & PostBooks - CRM for small businesses to multi national corporations.

XTuple fits with the database back end that I use for many other functions. It has been a blessing in that it runs on multiple platforms and can be built from source code for the platforms that aren't supported in binary format from xTuple.

Pros xTuple is very personable and easy to 'get to know' It also allows one to tailor it to their specific business for the most part. There is plenty of support too. Both from purchased and community. Cons I really can't think of any right now. Review Source: Capterra. Good accounting software - blows quickbooks out of the water Pretty good - esp with handling purchases and assets and when you have to do your own accounting since almost all the accountants in my area are incompetent (and im not even an accountant) Pros Its much more thorough and such. Downside is that you do need knowledge/skills in understanding out to set up your database (not made for dummies like quick books).

See More Customers Xtuple Open Source Erp For Mac

Other than that, i personally prefer dekstop based apps vs web based ones (primarily due to speed for executing the platform on a desktop vs chrome/firefix/microsoft edge, etc) Cons Setting up thag data base is a PITA.should deff work on making it more dummy friendly Review Source: Capterra. The best CRM/MRP/ERP System on the market today!

Implementing a new system is one of the hardest things a small and fast growing company can do. XTuple made our integration seamless and the process went very smoothly. We love the tool and we use it for all of our company processes. Pros I liked the fact that you can do everything in one tool. All business processes are included in one package from Customer lead all the way through to the collection of money. I also very much like the fact that the software is Linux based open source and offers full customization for your business.

Cons I cannot think of anything I do not like about the software! Review Source: Capterra. XTuple - Superior ERP Flexibility for Complex Organizations This has been a great experience. We have been live for almost 8 years, and xTuple has been able to handle some very complex requirements. Pros As an open source product, xTuple provides a myriad number of ways for customers to change and/or add functionality. In a complex manufacturing and sales organization, where products can be offered in multiple combinations, versions, sizes, and configurations, this kind of flexibility is almost required to make ERP work. With xTuple, almost anything is possible.

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Cons There isn't sufficient documentation, written in a clear, non-software-developer manner, for the different customizing features of the system. There is a lot of information understandable for C and QT programmers, but not for those of us who don't come from that world. Review Source: Capterra.