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Shining Force EXA. SFEXA game cover. Shining series. No information. Game System(s). PlayStation 2.

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Reinventing the RPG is never easy. Making changes in a genre that has been around for almost as long as the gaming industry itself could cause the game to take a severe beating on the shelves. Midi yoke drivers for mac. In recent years however, the genre has begun to grow with the player. Traditional turn based RPGs are still in the market, but with demands of a quicker paced game, the action-RPG was born.

While Shining Force EXA (pronounced 'ikusa') is nothing revolutionary to the current action RPGs, Sega brings a solid sequel to Shining Force NEO. Much like previous versions, you start out in a party of adventurers seeking the Shining Force, each with their own reasons to obtain the sword. The Shining Force storyline itself resembles that of King Arthur, 'the sword and the stone' era more specifically. The difference comes into play when only one of your four party members is able to obtain the Shining Force, thus transforming their dreams into reality.

Unfortunately, that is where the similarities between this and earlier volumes of the series end. While the essence of the hack-n-slash of NEO is preserved, many fans of the series long for the return the classic Saturn trilogy. The story will focus mainly on two characters that you will have the opportunity to control. Toma, a brash sword wielder who dreams of being 'King of the World,' and Cyrille, a mage of sorts whose reasons for searching for the Shining Force are a well kept mystery. Joining you almost immediately will be the other half of your crew, Gadfort, who wants the blade to become the greatest knight in existence, and Maebelle, an elfin archer seeking the blade to save her people.

Their story will unfold in a world that is shared by humans, demons, and beasts that is constantly devastated by war. The world is divided into two main kingdoms. The Northworld Empire is home to the human race and the demons rule the southern territory, Fireland. Discovering the blade will only be the beginning of this broad adventure. Finding the blade will only take you a couple of hours. In these few hours, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the mechanics of the game, making it a perfect opportunity for newcomers to the series to immerse themselves before the game truly begins. Much of the rest of the story is shrouded in mystery.

From this point, one of the more innovative features of EXA is the customizable robot castle Geo-Fortress. While adventuring, the party members you leave behind will use the Geo-Fortress as a headquarters.

They will also protect and defend the castle in the event of an attack. In the beginning, the fortress will be very basic and vulnerable.

By collecting 'Rare Material' from your quests you will be able to transform your fortress into two other forms. The third form will be the most impressive of the three. Once you reach the third form, your fortress is capable of travel. The Geo-Fortress will be used for more than a mode of transportation and a place for your party members to hang out while you are a mission. You will be able to add more rooms for vendors and shops. In addition to a traveling store, you will also be able to train your party members.

The growth, layout, and defense of your fortress will be managed completely by you. Thus, allowing the Geo-Fortress to evolve to fit the style and tactics of the player. One of the simplest things about EXA is that if you like NEO, then you will definitely like Shining Force EXA. Reviving everything from the battle system to game mechanics, EXA will give you a similar gaming experience without bogging you down with a whole lot of change.

The biggest change in this volume will probably be the sleek improvements to both the in-game graphics and anime cutscenes. The wish to refine the countless number of foes that appear on screen that you must vanquish, leaving your character nearly invisible, will probably go unanswered though.

Shining Force EXA will definitely abide by the rule of 'if it isn't broken, don't fix it.' Giving you the option to upgrade your characters through experience points and a vast assortment of items and weapons, Shining Force EXA provides a sense of personalization. In addition, using specific battle tactics of your party will grant you more power and range during battle. As well as advancing your character, you will progress to master a variety of Power Arts to unleash massive magic attacks.

Shining Force Exa 2007 Ps2 Iso

Shining Force EXA is poised to reap the benefits of the RPG starved after they finish Rouge Galaxy. Unfortunately, disappointment may be all that meets them. Without an actual hands-on experience it is kind of hard to tell.

Fortunately, Shining Force EXA is due to hit stores in March 2007, so we won't have to wait that long to pass judgment on one of the remaining titles for the PS2. By Matthew Walker CCC Freelance Writer Features:. Use aggressive offensive and defensive strategies to protect your fortress and fend off encroaching enemies. When you're not leading your battle party, guard your base with five battle types.

Shining Force Exa Review

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Bring peace to the war torn region with Toma's one-handed and two-handed sword attacks or Cyrille's long-range magic spells and crossbow attacks. Utilize the specific battle tactics of your party members for more power and range in battle.

Upgrade your characters through battle experiences and customize them with hundreds of items and weapons. Players will master different Power Arts and unleash a wide variety of magic attacks.