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Hey guys, I'm hoping to hear some experiences with Data Rescue/Disk Warrior. I had a hard drive catastrophe Thursday night.

Was just browsing in Safari when I got the stuck pinwheel. Couldn't force quit anything, had to shut down.

Restarted and could never get past the grey apple screen. I get an invalid sibling link error in singler user mode (using fsck), as it begins to read the 'b-tree'. I tried a couple tricks online having read accounts very similar to mine, but nothing worked. The drive is now grayed out in disk utility (when I boot from disc) and cannot be mounted. I have both Data Rescue and Disk Warrior. I understand using DR first is the ideal move, as DW can be risky in attempts to repair. I've taken that advice, but DR is taking FOREVER.

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It is however still moving. In Quickscan it is showing 40,320 catalog items. So far it has processed almost 3000. However it went through the first 2500 very quickly, and has been creeping bit by bit since then. To get all the way to 40,000+ at this rate would take.months? I am figuring it just needs to push through a particularly bad area and would then pick back up again? Is there any relation between the error being in the catalog b-tree and the scan slowing down so early on?

Any thoughts or success stories would be appreciated. The DW website is unclear on whether or not it is effective with invalid sibling link.just says 'this is definitely an error you don't want to see.' I'm a fool for not having a proper back up-i JUST bought a new external last weekend to back everything up-spent last weekend merging data from other externals, moving things back and forth so that I could reformat both of my externals in HFS (one was in NTFS). This weekend was going to properly back up my main drive. Terrible terrible luck. No excuse, but just making me want to kick myself that much harder.

The data on the drive is more or less priceless to me. Crossfire europe for mac. I'm a musician and it contains dozens of compositions and projects in Logic Studio.

I do not however, have the $1k it would cost to take it to a professional recovery least for now. I remain somewhat hopeful with DR still moving, but know that for it to move this slow forever would probably be a very bad sign.

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Help needed please. I'm running a 24' iMac, 500gb HD, 2 gb RAM. When trying to start Aperture the other day it hung up requiring a forced quit. When I went into disk utility to check the 'Macintosh HD' volume, Verify disk failed with the error message - 'invalid sibling link' and stops.

The same happens when I run Disk repair. I can't find anything on the Apple tech support about this.

Its happened once before and Apple suppport made me completely reformat my hard drive and reload programs - a major drag! Have I got a dodgy hard drive? Any ideas and educated guesses welcome. Thanks Steve. Messed up the file system/catalog.

Must use Disk Utility from the DVD - the Disk Repair/Verify doesn't work from the HD, since open files tend to cause problems. Also if Disk First Aid doesn't work from the HD, booting in Single User mode (command-s on boot and type reboot on the command line to restart the machine and running fsck) and running fsck might work. Remember Disk First Aid (disk utility/first aid) and fsck are both multi pass programs - may have to run them several times to repair everything. If this fixes the file system/catalog problems, you may want to look at running update prebinding.

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Search update prebinding or fsck. EDIT: can be caused by the machine crashing (software conflict problem), a bad drive, or bad 3rd party memory.