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IE is the default web browser that is provided by Microsoft Windows, and even though it is not the most functional or fastest browser out there today, there are many people who absolutely swear by it. If you are a Mac user who still wishes to use Internet Explorer on your computer, then it is strongly suggested that you get a free download. Presented below are the instructions that can help you get IE8 on your Mac OS. How to Get Internet Explorer 8 on a Mac The very first thing that you will need when you are downloading Internet Explorer for Mac is to download an app known as WineBottler. This app is designed for the Mac OS X, and allows Windows based applications and programs to run on this operating system.

Internet Explorer For Mac Download


Jun 3, 2007 - Yesterday I saw a LOTRO map pack for zExplorer (the child of AC. Cross-platform: Runs on Windows and Mac OS X. Oh, and Linux too. Internet Explorer for Mac (also referred to as Internet Explorer for Macintosh, Internet Explorer Macintosh Edition, Internet Explorer:mac or IE:mac) is an unsupported inactive proprietary web browser developed by Microsoft for the Macintosh platform.

IE8 is just one of the many Windows programs that can be used on a Mac with the help of WineBottler. Earlier versions of IE can also be used on Mac with the help of this application. Once this application has been downloaded, and launched, you need to click on 'Install Predefined Prefixes'. Then you can select 'Internet Explorer 8.0' from the various options that are listed.

After that, you must click on 'Install' to install it on your computer. After that you can make free use of this browser on your Mac OS. Internet Explorer 8 Problems and Alternatives As mentioned before, this is a very buggy web browser released by Microsoft. There are a number of problems that come with it, which make it very slow, and even cause it to freeze from time to time on Windows.

These are problems that you are likely to face on Mac as well. There are many other better web browsers such as, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera Mini etc., out there, that are far more efficient and faster than Internet Explorer 8. You can consider running one of these on your Mac. Safari, which is the default browser on all Apple Computers, is a pretty good browser, that exceeds the performance of IE8 any day.

Internet Explorer for Mac is something that used to be the default bundle almost 7 years ago, but that was before Safari was developed. Internet Explorer 9 is another option worth exploring.

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Internet explorer for mac download

Right now only the beta version of the browser is available, and the final version will be launched soon. Unfortunately, you cannot use this browser on a Mac just yet. From all initial reviews and responses, it seems that IE9 is going to be a vast improvement over IE8 and, it will resolve all its problems and deficiencies.